UNIWA CDMA Mobile Phone Solutions for the Developing World

UNIWA CDMA Mobile Phone Solutions for the Developing World

2021-01-20 By CWELL

China manufacturers provide convenience to millions of remote users through practical wireless solutions

More and more people all over the world hope to share various information resources in the society. Improving internal and cross-border communications is one of the key factors in meeting this demand. As more and more countries prepare to provide high-quality telephone services to new users at reasonable prices, wireless solutions from China’s UNIWA company are making it easier for millions of users to obtain communications. Up to now, there are hundreds of suppliers cooperating with UNIWA, and UNIWA CDMA Mobile Phone has been sold all over the world.

CDMA mobile phone refers to mobile phone with CDMA technology. CDMA is the abbreviation of Code Division Multiple Access wireless communication technology, which belongs to the 2nd generation communication technology. CDMA mobile phone has the characteristics of good calling quality, low radiation, and voice security, etc.

UNIWA CDMA Mobile Phone supports telephone, fax, data and Internet. It is based on wireless technology, and it even allows customers to keep their normal landline phone numbers. The talk time is up to 360 minutes, the standby time is up to 240 hours, and the supported languages are English, Arabic, Russian, French and many other languages. There are also some basic functions, such as speed dial, alarm clock, clock, calendar, calculator, stopwatch, e-book, world time, etc.

Market and economic efficiency demand

Economic and social urgency makes it necessary for countries to find feasible ways to upgrade their tight telecommunications infrastructure or deploy new networks where they did not exist before. The wireless network has a double advantage. For people who have to put up with the old phone system, it can significantly improve communication quality and accessibility, and it is relatively easy to deploy, thereby reducing implementation costs.

UNIWA CDMA Mobile Phone is particularly suitable for the following scenarios:

  • Rural and rural areas where cable deployment is difficult and cost-effective;
  • Areas with geographical or climatic restrictions, such as deserts, islands, rugged mountainous areas and areas with many waterways, hinder the construction of ditches and piles;
  • In areas where wired lines are saturated, wireless systems can be used to increase capacity;
  • In new international business districts and residential quarters, the demand for telephone communication is large, and the wired telephone network is built.
    High cost
  • Areas that temporarily need communication systems, such as large-scale construction sites, exhibitions, and emergency rescue.

UNIWA CDMA Mobile Phone offers remote rural communities the chance to experience the positive effects of improved living standards by enabling them to communicate with the world.

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