How to buy best 7 inch tablets in 2021? Beginner Guide

How to buy best 7 inch tablets in 2021? Beginner Guide

2021-06-22 By CWELL
7 inch tablets in 2021

Apple 7 inch tablets models already deliver the best user experience since they entered the market, but if you are an Android fan or need this system for some reason we have found a model that can reach the height, the Galaxy Tab S4 from Samsung can be a good option.

Let’s know more?

What is a tablet?

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that a tablet is a small personal device, but a little bigger than a cell phone.

In this clipboard format, it offers the user several possibilities, from personal organization, internet access and video viewing.

Some people also use the device to access and have digital magazines and newspapers.

You can also install specific applications for work, such as ordering in a restaurant, using it for games or interacting with others, via Skype.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of 7 inch tablets?

7 inch tablets, like any electronic equipment, have positive and negative points. In our guide we’re not going to hide anything, so be aware that by evaluating the advantages and disadvantages, it’s easier to understand how the device can fit together.

Thus, there are advantages that stand out in a tablet:

  • Larger screen than smartphones ;
  • Facilitates the reading of texts in general;
  • Lightness and ease of transport;
  • Long-lasting battery;
  • Practicality;
  • Versatility;
  • Internet access.

As you’ve seen, a good tablet can offer a lot of advantages to the user, but that doesn’t mean the device is perfect.

Some users warn of the following disadvantages:

  • 100% touchscreen keyboard;
  • Smaller screen than notebook;
  • Models with limited connections;
  • Great similarity with the smartphone.

So, even though it offers several advantages, some people understand that the model is far from a smartphone or a notebook.

In other words, the choice for a 7 inch tablets ends up being better made by those who really seek the device.

It is also worth mentioning that to solve the problem of the keyboard being 100% touchscreen; you can purchase one of the best keyboards for iPad and use more suitable physical equipment.

Who needs a tablet?

Few people really need a tablet, but if you’re reading this article then you might be looking for some of the main advantages of these devices.

Tablets are great for watching videos, surfing the web, and reading, browsing social media and playing games. Some templates are also great for various professionals such as writers, designers, speakers, teachers and general professionals who need to improve their productivity.

7 inch tablets Kids

7 inch tablets in 2021 china

The tablets for kids as they help children to use reasoning and collaborate positively to its development with educational games for example.

Both on iOS and Android you can find a vast selection of content for little ones.

In addition, you can split profiles on these systems to separate children’s content from yours, avoiding the risk of having a child going through your stuff and deleting your work.


As kids aren’t that picky, any tablet will do for them, so try looking for something you’ll use more and just sort the content on the system later.

On the other hand, if your use is for college or studies, opting for a tablet with better battery life can be an excellent choice.

That way he won’t let you down in the middle of a class where you’re taking notes.

7 inch tablets To work

If you’re looking for a tablet model to work with , Apple’s models are excellent choices mainly for two decisive factors:

  • Durability: They are well built models and thanks to the materials used in both the internal and external hardware, you will be able to use these devices for a good few years.
  • Performance: This is where they really stand out. Due to the fluidity of iOS and the extensive app store, these tablets do very well in the business environment for many different projects.

Best Tablet Buying Guide

Now that we know a little more about this device, it’s time to start the step-by-step guide to buying the best tablets.

Therefore, we have prepared some tips that you can pay attention to at the time of purchase, to acquire a really useful product.

The idea is to allow you to have enough options to choose a good model, so it’s always important that you think about what your priorities are.

In other words, what exactly did you think about acquiring a 7 inch tablets for? Knowing the answer to that question makes the tips even more valuable.

So, before buying a tablet, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Operational system;
  2. Processor;
  3. RAM memory;
  4. Internal memory;
  5. Screen;

Each one of them is very important and needs to be seen carefully, so our tip is to read them all and, if you still have any doubts, go back to the beginning and read them again or leave a comment below that we will help you.

7 inch tablets Operational system

This is possibly the most important point and one that presents the biggest differences when buying a tablet.


The device itself also needs to be well made. In this part, we keep an eye on items such as:

  • Build quality;
  • Display;
  • Touchscreen quality;
  • Available ports.

It’s also worth remembering that if you’re looking for one of the best 7 inch tablets to study, it’s good to stay tuned and invest in one of the best performing models on our list.

Best Tablet for Reading Books

Reading on digital devices such as the best e-readers has become very popular in recent years and tablets are also excellent alternatives for reading, not only for their superior performance but also for having color screens and very clear, great for reading comics.

With the above items in mind, we looked for tablets that were available on the market.

We have already eliminated several 7 inch tablets models during the first phase of the process for user reviews and also for the points we cited within each evaluation criterion.

Describe Your Needs In Detail!

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