Apps that a Feature Phone Must Have

Apps that a Feature Phone Must Have

2021-08-01 By CWELL

The world of Smartphones is going through a tremendous transformation in the latest era. Brands like Samsung, Huawei, and Apple are producing high-end smartphones with amazing features and specs. Due to a higher demand for features and high specs, these brands are manufacturing various models of expensive phones. However, a majority of people still look for feature or low-end smartphones because of their budget. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a feature phone would lack quality features and apps. Phone brands know that they have to keep delivering low-end phones for customers who cannot afford top-of-the-line variants in the market.

Today, you will learn about the necessary apps that a feature or low-end phone should have for the users. It will help you buy the right smartphone with all the apps that you should get with these phones.

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7 Must-Have Feature Phone Apps

A feature phone is a phone with a keypad and a small screen. Social media networks, such as Facebook recognized the smartphone market early. Therefore, they build the official Facebook app for all phones in the year 2011. After that, every phone brand started to build phones that support Facebook and other such apps. Today, there are 550+ million uses of feature phones across the world. Those looking for low-end phones should take a look at the following must-have apps in a phone they are planning to buy.

1. Opera Mini

Opera mini app received the latest update last month and is known as a highly trusted internet browser for these phones. Approximately 250+ million users are using Opera Mini for web browsing and this number is increasing every day. The best thing about this browser is that the servers of Opera compress data that doesn’t affect the feature phone RAM a lot. It compresses the page size to 10% of the original size. As a result, the memory of the phone experience less load, making the browsing experience faster.

Opera Mini is a perfect web browser for phones with low ram and storage. It also integrates Twitter and Facebook updates in the browser. Therefore, you will not have to use another app to see the updates. The Opera Mini download manager comes with a pause feature. There are some additional features like private browsing, night mode, and darker colors, etc.


MXIT is a brilliant replacement for the stock SMS app of the phone. It is a Java app that runs smoothly on most feature phones without any lag. You can even use this app on most tablets. This app requires a phone with a 2G connection to run and uses 1.5 and even less data for downloading. With this chat app, you can doodle on your photographs, chat privately, and record and forward audio notes. It also includes features like virtual chat. The best thing about this app is that it also allows you to create games and customized applications inside the chat platform of MXIT.


MBUDDY is another must-have feature phone app for every user. You can use this instant messaging app to send messages, share audio files and photographs. It is compatible with all 4G devices, non-Android handsets, and CDMA phones. This app takes just 100kb to 150kb of storage space on a phone. Moreover, it is a Java Brew app that runs smoothly on all low-end phones without any problem.

4. Facebook for Every Phone

3000+ feature phones support Facebook for Every Phone app. This app comes as a stock app in phones like the Nokia Asha series and you can also download it on many other non-Android phones. It provides a basic Facebook experience on low-end keypad phones with small screens. This app allows you to check newsfeeds, photographs, messages, and upload posts and images, etc. You can even find friends on Facebook from your phone’s contact list.

This app was developed in the year 2011 and since then, it reaches millions of users across the world. The best thing about this application is that you can use it in multiple languages. In short, it helps you stay connected with your loved ones with all the basic features of Facebook.


Have you ever heard of internet browsing offline? TXTBROWSER allows you to browse the internet even when you are offline. It is an SMS-based internet browser that you can use to browse the internet with simple SMS. You just have to send your query via SMS and then you will get the answer via an SMS with data from the internet. You can perform almost any query, such as finding a nearby pizza place, getting driving directions, or knowing a chocolate recipe, etc.

When you send your query via SMS, the app scans millions of pages online for the relevant information. However, this app charges some price for every query. You can download this app on various phones, including Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL, Reliance, and DOCOMO, etc.


You can use the NEWSHUNT app to read news, blogs, and articles on the move using a feature phone. It is a reliable reading app that offers books and news in an easy-to-read, clean layout. This app is available for 5000+ phones and includes content from 100+ magazines and newspapers in English. Apart from English, this app is also available in some other languages, such as Hindi. It is a free app that you can download on your non-Android, Java, Android, Symbian, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows phones.

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BUBBLY is a social media network app that you can operate with your voice. It is a social media application that helps you stay connected with your friends. You can listen and post audio posts on this application. Whenever there is a new voice post, you will get an SMS notification. To install this app, you have to dial the shortcode of your carrier. After that, you can complete the installation process by following the voice menu. It is available for iOS, Android, and Java users.

The above listed are the essential apps that every feature phone should have. To know more about these phones and features, keep visiting us.

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