Best Rugged Smartphone 2021: Top Models

Best Rugged Smartphone 2021: Top Models

2022-01-01 By CWELL

One of the things that users are most interested in is still is the durability of the best rugged smartphone 2021. So which phone company is the most durable today?

Currently on the market, there are many phone brands with diverse models and designs that make consumers really confused in choosing. Depending on the needs and purposes, users make the choice of suitable phone companies: models, designs, photography functions, playing games.

Best rugged smartphone 2021UNIWA W888

1) IP68 Waterproof

2) Mediatek Helio P35 Octa Core Processor

3) 6.3 Inch FHD Waterdrop Touch Screen

5) 2W Big Speaker for PoC Apps

6) Removable 5000mAh Battery

7) 4 GB RAM+64 GB ROM

8) 24MP/2MP Rear Double Cameras

Best Rugged Smartphone 2022

Best rugged smartphone 2021 comes with a variety of segments from low-end to high-end. This is one of the most durable touch phones available today. With an eye-catching design, shiny screen, and responsive touch, this is an option that gives users a great experience.

Samsung phones have the basic features of smartphones, full of modern applications for users to comfortably watch movies or play games. Every year, Samsung releases new smartphones with more advanced features at affordable prices.

Android is an operating system developed based on Google’s Linux platform. This is the operating system that is used by many phone companies and is always leading in terms of market share in the mobile technology market. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this operating system and why should you choose an Android device?

Best rugged smartphone 2021 UNIWA F963

1) IP68 Waterproof


3) 13MP PDAF Back Camera

4) Built-in 5100mAh Battery

5) Support 2.4GHz/5GHz WiFi

6) Fast Charging

Low usage cost

The operating system is open source, which means you can freely customize and arrange the interface, keyboard … according to your personal wishes without encountering any obstacles from the manufacturer.

Uniwa has best rugged smartphone 2021 with a mid-range price and is known as a selfie expert, so it is an extremely attractive product line for young people. This is a customer who loves technology, is dynamic and youthful, and likes to take selfies. 

In addition, Uniwa is also one of the pioneering brands in technology such as under-screen fingerprint technology, hidden camera under the screen …

Outstanding Features of best rugged smartphone 2021
  • Modern and dynamic design
  • Image technology with built-in night mode and anti-shake for stunning HD quality photos
  • Equipped with new and extremely interesting features

Weakness of best rugged smartphone 2021

Security and safety are not high, so it is easy to infect with viruses and malware. The manufacturer’s pre-installed and exclusive application stores are too many, making the machine work harder and slower.

IOS operating system

IOS is the operating system that makes up Apple’s iPhone line of best rugged smartphone 2021. This is a proprietary platform of Apple that has the perfect combination of hardware and software.

Best Rugged Smartphone 2021
  • Smooth operation and continuous support
  • Integrated effective email management features, composing and sending easily.
  • The iMessage app lets you send free messages to friends who use the same operating system and have an internet connection.
  • Good security because Apple always focuses on best rugged smartphone 2021 by upgrading and fixing security holes through each new iOS version, so you can rest assured that your device will be updated and refreshed continuously.

Multiple programs cannot be run on the screen at the same time, and integration is limited.

We cannot edit on the internal system, all operations such as copying music, movies, and photos must be through the iTunes application.

High cost of best rugged smartphone 2021

What Apple is aiming for is class and luxury, so to own these products means you will have to spend a lot of money. If you have good financial resources and want to use a smooth operating system, good security and continuous support, you should choose iOS.


If you care about the camera function of your best rugged smartphone 2021, when choosing a phone do not rush to pay attention to the number of megapixels, but instead, look at the camera face between phones to see the image quality and look for features. Special camera features such as night mode to get better and better quality photos in low light conditions.

Amount of memory and RAM of best rugged smartphone 2021

If you are an image enthusiast, take pictures, record videos or are a you tuber or have a regular job that needs to watch and store documents on your phone, you should choose smartphones with a ROM memory of at least 32GB and have support external memory because the operating system has taken up almost 5GB of memory capacity of the device already.

Besides, the RAM of the phone is also quite important depending on the operating system. The larger the RAM, the smoother and more stable your phone will be. However, we should note that it will have a limit depending on the general configuration of the machine.

Battery life:

Best rugged smartphone 2021with larger batteries provide the longest battery life. But that’s not always the case. That’s why we run our own battery tests.

Reputable brands:

To choose a durable phone, you also need to pay attention to the brand factor. A reputable phone brand will provide good quality, durable and high performance products. Some major smartphone brands can mention: Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Nokia, Apple, Sony, Vivo, HTC.

Which phone company is the most durable today?

Topping the list of the most durable best rugged smartphone 2021 of companies is Apple. This is a very famous American premium phone brand. It is well known for its smooth, durable and secure iOS operating system that complements its high productivity and excellent hardware quality.

Apple’s IPhone series is loved by the world for its features. Outstanding features: smart touch, fingerprint face recognition, Bluetooth headset, high security mode. The device is suitable for storage because it has a high memory capacity, good security synchronization.

In addition, the IPhone’s RAM is also strong, fast processing, all applications work smoothly. Every year Apple will launch new best rugged smartphone 2021with many improved functions: wireless charging, face recognition, sharp and vivid photography.

In particular, the new IPhone version often creates technology races among young people.

Prices of best rugged smartphone 2021
Along with the quality is the price of the best rugged smartphone 2021 is very high, about 2-3 times higher than other smartphones. Currently, the current line like iPhone 12 Pro Max is about 39 million VND for the 512GB version. With older models, the price will be cheaper. You can consider economic conditions before choosing to buy these products.

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