What Industries Can Rugged Tablets Be Applied For?

What Industries Can Rugged Tablets Be Applied For?

2021-11-13 By UNIWA

What is a rugged tablet?

Many people still mistakenly think that a rugged tablet is a large smartphone. However, that is not the case. This is a type of smart electronic device that is larger in size than a phone. And often have touch screens larger than 7 inches.

Unlike smartphones, tablets can use a multi-function stylus to control what they want. A tablet is integrated between a smartphone and a laptop. So, it’s more convenient while travelling and handling work.


Industries that rugged tablets are used for

1、Smart home industry

In some high-end communities, the industrial rugged tablets can be used as home service terminals to achieve real-time intercom, message, cost inquiry, product ordering, home appliance management, etc.

2、Drug management industry

In the drug management industry, rugged tablets can employ RFID technology to construct a supply chain information platform to track and supervise drugs in the production, circulation, and sales links.

3、 Mobile applications in the power industry

When it comes to this field, multiple technologies such as RFID and mobile Internet can be installed on the tablet to implement mobile intelligent inspection functions in power transmission, power transformation, and power distribution.

4、 Petroleum and petrochemical industry

The industrial rugged tablets in this industry can use RFID technology to realize automatic, fast and accurate reading of the entry and exit of exploration stations, which greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse management.

5、 Supervision industry
 The design of industrial rugged tablets for this field is to use RFID, video screen monitoring, wireless transmission and other related technologies. Through these functions, the manager can monitor the traffic of flammable and explosive companies such as fireworks and firecrackers in real-time, warehouse overstocking warning, real-time monitoring and warning, warehouse temperature and humidity, video monitoring alarms and other functions. In this way, the factories can reduce accidents and secure workers and products.

6、Logistics industry

Due to the development of rugged tablets in the logistics industry, the modernization of logistics systems is becoming more and more mature, which can replace almost all manual tasks, including scanning, inspection, analysis, processing, automatic packaging, classification and many other parts.

7、Environmental protection industry

The use of industrial rugged tablets are growing in the environmental protection industry, and it is still rising. It’s mainly because many countries promote the construction of automation in this field, and the whole-process real-time monitoring system for pollution sources. This work requires the automatic transmission of tens of thousands of signals to the master station, and a large number of signals need to be collected. Industrial rugged tablets, especially embedded ones, can play a very good part in it.


The information we have just learned about what industries rugged tablets are applied for will surely help you to have a better understanding of rugged tablets. If you are in one of the above industries or others, what are you waiting for; own a rugged tablet with outstanding technology and features to have more wonderful experiences for your work.

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