5 Ways to Fix the Rugged Tablet Battery

5 Ways to Fix the Rugged Tablet Battery

2021-11-11 By CWELL

What are the causes of the rugged tablet not charging into the battery?

At first, we must figure out what causes the rugged tablet battery not to be charged. There are many reasons for it, the most common of which are: faulty charging cable, wrong charging cable, faulty USB port, power supply and worst of all, faulty battery.

For the common causes as above, we can easily fix the situation that the tablet does not charge, only with a faulty battery, we need to send it to the repair shop or replace the battery with a new one.

2. Ways to fix the rugged tablet battery charging problems

2.1. Try another power source

The first step to check is the power supply. Over time, the electrical outlets in your working places may fall into damage due to wear and tear or broken contact pins. In addition, there is a situation of electric socket burning, electric leakage. Therefore, you should review the power outlets and switch to another outlet to make sure the reason the tablet is not charging.

A damaged power socket makes the rugged tablet not able to charge (Source: mohinhrobot.com)

2.2. Check the charging cable of the rugged tablet

Another reason why the tablet takes a long time to fully charge is from the charging cable side. The most fragile and easily damaged part of the charger is the cable. The best way to diagnose a faulty charging cable is to test it with a variety of other devices.

2.3. Check the charging adapter of the rugged tablet

The charging adapter is a component that is directly in contact with the power source, so it is also very easy to damage. When the power supply overloads, it will burn the electronic circuits inside the adapter. When in doubt, immediately switch to a new adapter to prevent the tablet from charging, delaying your work.

2.4. Check the charging port on the device

For users who have a habit of charging their tablets through the charging ports of their computers, you will often encounter a situation where the rugged tablet takes a long time to charge. This is a very normal situation because charging through the device is always longer than charging the battery directly.

2.5. Replace the battery of rugged work tablet

If you have checked the above 4 ways and the rugged tablet does not charge to the battery, then more than 80% is because your battery has a problem. Depending on the type of device you are using, replacing the battery will take up less or more time.

For older tablets, which have not been cast in full metal, the battery replacement will be simpler. For later models with full-body metal castings or apple machines, you can only send them to the warranty company to replace the battery.

Rugged Work Tablet 2021


The durability of the battery depends on the user’s daily habits, such as the first clean use of the battery before the full charge, which can be sufficient. So, it’s important to know how to fix the rugged tablet battery, and how to maintain the rugged tablet during using it.

If you have any further questions about the batteries of the rugged device, feel free to discuss them with us. 

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