How To Find Your Lost Mobile Phones With IMEI?

How To Find Your Lost Mobile Phones With IMEI?

2021-10-26 By CWELL

How often do you ask yourself: Where is my phone?

 More than once, searching the apartment and looking into more and more strange nooks and crannies, we wondered where we had left our mobile phone. Or maybe it was completely missing?! Or is there another situation: the phone was stolen, and now you need to find out where it is?

Of course, it would be nice if the SIM card is active on the mobile phone. But where have you seen such a thief who does not throw away the card as soon as he takes possession of the device?! Most likely, “the number is out of range”, and you will have to think about other search methods. The best one is to find the phone by IMEI. This is what will be discussed today.

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What is IMEI?

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique number for each phone. It consists of fifteen digits, where the first two are the assembly code, the next six are the approval code, another six are the serial number, and the last digit is the checksum. IMEI is used to identify a device on a mobile network.

Where to find the IMEI code?

Typically, the number is printed on the back of the phone, as well as on a sticker under the battery. Sometimes the device identifier is hidden in the SIM-card slot (for example, in SONY products), or on the slide-out frame of the SIM card slot (Apple’s practice). You can view the IMEI code on the screen after entering the combination * # 06 #.

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How to find a phone by IMEI if it is lost?

There are several ways.

When purchasing a mobile phone from an operator, the device identifier code can be found in the contract and on the purchase invoice.

If the device was purchased from an electronics supermarket, the IMEI number should be found in the document confirming the transaction.

If you buy an iPhone or smartphone from another brand, do not forget to write down the model number, or ask for the original packaging from it. There is also an IMEI on the box.

On mobile phones, the code is available in the account options, in the Google bar. In the case of iOS, the number is in the iCloud app.

Is it possible to find a switched off phone by IMEI?

The search result for a mobile phone by an international identifier directly depends on GPS. If it is enabled, all necessary data will be available by IMEI.

However, if the phone runs out of power or is turned off by an intruder, the information transmission system will also be disabled. Whatever the attempts by law enforcement agencies and security personnel of mobile operators, it will not work to find the lost device.


To protect your mobile phone, you should set a PIN code and remember it before being stolen or missing. Therefore, you can control the stolen/missing mobile phone by sending the corresponding code, making it set off an alarm, sending a text message about its real-time location, synchronizing the data to the device you are using, and so on.

Finally, one more thing to remind you, you should know the IMEI of your mobile phone beforehand, and never wait until it’s too late after the phone is stolen or lost. Tell the police your IMEI and ask the service provider to block all services for your lost phone as soon as possible.

Do you know how to use IMEI to find your phone now?

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