A Battle Between PDA Android and Smartphone

A Battle Between PDA Android and Smartphone

2021-09-23 By CWELL

A PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) is a compact mobile device that we use for professional or personal tasks. These devices help us perform tasks, including keeping and scheduling address book and calendar information handy. We also have smartphones that handle such tasks via apps or built-in functionality. So, what makes you choose a PDA android device instead of a smartphone? In this article, we will go through the key differences between smartphones and PDAs. It should help you know what device is appropriate for your use.

PDA Android vs. Smartphones

Every one of us will have a smartphone today. Even kids today have smartphones. It is because smartphones offer more functionality than just communication and text. However, we still have PDA android devices around with their planner-type functionality. Business users were the earliest adopters of PDA devices, so we have reliable business software available for these devices. However, we don’t have the luxury of hundreds of thousands of apps in PDAs like what we get with smartphones. It makes PDAs behind smartphones. So, why do people need PDAs in this era? Let’s take a quick look at the two devices from different aspects.

1. Price

PDA devices are cheaper than smartphones. However, some smartphone models may be available at a cheap initial price, but PDAs prove cost-savvy in the long run. You will be paying more for smartphones over a couple of years than PDAs. For instance, you will have to pay the additional fees for WiFi data plans over time. It will make smartphones expensive than PDAs. For instance, you buy a smartphone for $150 and a PDA device for $300. You also have to pay a $40 data service fee every month. After a year, the cost of the smartphone will reach $630. On the other hand, the cost of a PDA device will remain the same.

2. Connectivity

Unfortunately, PDA devices are not as connected. A smartphone can have interrupted internet connectivity with a data plan. It means that you can go online anywhere and anytime when you have internet service. A PDA android does not connect to the cellular network and cannot offer the same connectivity range that a smartphone can offer. Smartphones and PDAs also utilize other connectivity forms, including Bluetooth and WiFi.

With a WiFi-enables smartphone or PDF, for instance, you can check email, browse the internet, and download your required files whenever you have the availability of a WiFi hotspot. WiFi hotspots will ensure higher speed than mobile data networks. If the smartphone or PDA has Wireless functionality, you can use the internet calling packages, like Skype for connecting to family and friends.

Note: Usually, a smartphone depends on the wireless network of the carrier. In contrast, a PDA device is always carrier-independent. Switching from one carrier to another is a difficult thing for the owners of smartphones. However, this is not an issue for personal digital assistant users.

3. Functionality

A number of users have stopped using PDA devices because of the availability of smartphones that comes with unlimited features. However, some users still need the functionality of both devices. For instance, a PDA android with a bigger screen than a smartphone might be a reason why you prefer it over a smartphone. It is something that is necessary for people who usually review documents, such as spreadsheets. Larger screens make sure that you don’t have to keep scrolling down the page to read the entire page or content. Processing power and memory also vary with different devices.

If your smartphone is stolen or lost or broken, the information in it will also be lost if you didn’t have a backup. In contrast, the information on a PDA will be accessible even when the phone is not operable. Therefore, both devices come with unique advantages and disadvantages, when it comes to functionality.

Choosing the Right PDA

If your requirements tell that you need a PDA device, then there are certain factors to consider when purchasing one. First of all, you will have to choose between the various PDA formats. You have the options such as basic and data controller, telephone format and full-screen terminal, complete terminal, warehouse terminal, wearable, fixed-mount and vehicle-mount terminals, and industrial tablet format. It is also essential to know which operating system is more suitable for your application. You can either buy a PDA android or with other operating systems, like Windows CE or Windows Mobile.

When it comes to wireless connectivity, we have options, such as WiFi, WLAN, WWAN, Bluetooth, and GPS. The ruggedness level of the PDA device is another important factor to keep in mind. These devices are usually designed for tough working environments. Therefore, the PDA device you choose must withstand the tough environment in which you will use it.

Once you decide about the connectivity type and operating system, you must pay attention to the robustness of the device. It is also important to decide about what reader type you need in your device. With all such options available, you must find the best available PDA according to your specific needs.

If you are not sure which PDA model you should buy, you can get help from online reviews. Search relevant online forums and read what people say about different models currently available on the market. It should help you identify the best available PDA in the market.

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Final Thoughts

Some like PDA devices because these devices are exceptional to take notes, manage task lists, stay organized, and store contacts. PDAs also provide entertainment and help us keep a record of our important appointments and dates. It is a truth that PDA devices are not as popular as they were in their initial time. They may soon become a thing of the past. But at the moment, these devices are still essential for a number of users for both personal and professional use. Therefore, it is your personal preferences and the purposes of use that help you decide which device you need.

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