Android barcode scanner wholesale: How does it work?

Android barcode scanner wholesale: How does it work?

2021-06-23 By CWELL
Android barcode scanner wholesale

An android barcode scanner wholesale is an image with a matrix code in which certain data encrypts. Modern smartphones allow you to “read” the information contained in it. We can do this using built-in tools and third-party applications. In our blog, we’ll take a look at how you can scan a barcode on Android.

Method 1: built-in android barcode scanner wholesale tools

Most modern Android smartphones allow you to scan barcodes through built-in tools. Some have system applications; others work with barcodes through the stock camera settings.

Using Samsung as an example, let’s look at how to scan a barcode:

  • Swipe down to reveal the top curtain.
  • Find the QR Code utility in the list of applications and select it.
  • The stock camera will automatically start. Hover it over the code to capture.

After capturing, a panel will appear at the bottom with the content. This can be a link to a website, an application, or an encrypted phrase.

If there is no “QR code” tool in the curtain, then tap on the plus icon in the panel, then drag the button onto the curtain. Click on “Finish” to complete.

Android Barcode Scanner Wholesale Steps

In some cases, the camera will not activate barcode scanning. Then you need to enable it in the application settings. To do this, android barcode scanner wholesale recommends following steps:

  • Launch the Camera app.
  • Tap on the gear-shaped icon in the upper left corner to go to settings.
  • Set the “QR Code Scanning” option toggle to active.

The main advantage of scanning with a stock camera is that it does not require the installation of additional software. But at the same time, the application is able to recognize not all barcodes, but mainly QR.

Method 2: third-party software: android barcode scanner wholesale

There are a large number of free applications that recognize barcodes. You can find them in the official Play Market. Unlike the stock camera functionality, the software has additional functionality.

Using the example of one of the most effective programs “QR Scanner”, consider the procedure for scanning a barcode on Android:

1. Download and install the QR Scanner app.

2. Tap on the “Scan with Camera” button.

3. After the first launch, you will need to allow access to the camera for correct operation.

4. Aim the camera at the barcode and wait for the capture.

In the window that opens, information about the encrypted data displays. Similarly, in our case, this is a link to the site. In the application, you can see the code on the smartphone screen, as well as go to the resource using the link received.

Android bar code scanner functions

Android barcode scanner wholesale functions allow you to share the barcode in a variety of ways, as well as add information to your favorites.

If a photo with a barcode is already stored in the device’s memory, then it can also be scanned using software. Just click on the “Image Scan” button on the main screen.

Applications such as Lightning QR Scanner, QR Code or Barcode are easy to use as alternative solutions. Applications work not only with barcodes, but also QR.

You can find out information about the barcode on Android devices using standard tools and additional free software from the Play Store. Write in the comments which method do you use?

Why image barcode scanners are better than laser models?

Image scanner (imager or photo scanner) is a device that takes pictures of barcodes and then decodes them from the photo. Image scanners read codes faster and more accurately than laser models.

How image barcode scanner works?

The name “imager” comes from the English word image – “image”. All photo scanners come with a CCD-matrix. Such matrices also come inside cameras. The scanner takes a photo of the barcode while reading the labels. Images decode by the firmware.

Android barcode scanner wholesale 2021

Minor android barcode scanner wholesale defects or interference during shooting do not interfere with scanning. The built-in program automatically restores damaged areas of the image. The recovery comes on code fragments above or below the damaged area.

The built-in software can improve the quality of the captured photo. Recovering areas and improving the quality of a photograph takes a split second. Image scanner speed: 100 scans / sec or more.

How does a laser scanner work? Android barcode scanner wholesale

Laser scanning technology is based on the reflection of a beam from the surface of the label. A diode comes inside the device, which emits a beam. Most instruments use a low-power red laser. The beam scatters by a swinging prism driven by a motor.

Light rays reflect from a mirror or mirror system. The reflective surface vibrates by an electromagnetic field. When hitting a mirror prism, the light beam reflects at different angles.

Since the prism is swinging at more than 100 cycles per second, the reflections of the light beam add up to a solid red line. In fact, the phenomenon that the operator sees as a line is the rapid movement of the spot in a straight line.

Android barcode scanner wholesale process

Lasers perform linear barcode recognition. Linear code is an alternation of vertical stripes of white and black. How the encoding is recognized:

  • The light beam reflects off the prism and hits the label.
  • The scattered light from the reflection of the beam is captured by a photodiode (optical sensor).
  • The beam reflection converts into an analog signal.
  • The analog signal converts to a digital signal.
  • Using a digital signal, the program determines the width of the white and black stripes.
  • The encrypted information decodes according to the encoding standard.
  • The data in the form of characters transfer to an external device.


Android barcode scanner wholesale devices can read labels over a long distance: up to several meters. Their disadvantage is the fragility of the mechanism. The movable prism is the most vulnerable part and is often damaged if dropped. Even the shockproof housing does not completely eliminate this problem.

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