Which OEM android barcode scanner is best for retail store?

Which OEM android barcode scanner is best for retail store?

2021-06-23 By CWELL
OEM android barcode scanner

The introduction of OEM android barcode scanner has changed a lot of things in industry. These bar code scanners are getting immense popularity due to the security features they offer.

What code is used to mark the light industry?

Clothing and other light industry products are labeled with barcodes. This code is used to mark shoes, medicines, cigarettes and other categories of goods. Why these bar codes are good for mandatory labeling:

  • The code allows you to encrypt a lot of data in a small area.
  • The encoding contains up to 2 kilobytes of information.
  • The image may contain encrypted text or other formats.
  • The matrix code can be read when part of the image is lost.

2D OEM android barcode scanner

A line or 1D scanner can only read line codes, which comes of white and black stripes. It is unable to recognize dot-interlaced encodings. The 2D OEM android barcode scanner is a versatile barcode scanner. It can read all known encodings (both linear and 2D).

Advantages of barcode photo scanners:

  • Fast decoding of images.
  • Recognition of damaged and blurred labels.
  • Encoding recognition with contrast up to 20%.
  • Scanning is carried out at an arbitrary angle.
  • Ability to work at different lighting levels.
  • You can scan images at a long distance.
  • Robust design of the imager.

Each 2D OEM android barcode scanner is suitable for more than just garment marking. It is easy to use with any product that uses codes for labeling. Image scanners have a higher price than their laser counterparts. The price of the device justifies the wide possibilities when working with goods.

How to choose a 2D scanner for a clothing store?

When choosing a device, you need to pay attention to the design of the device. For clothing trade, you can use stationary, wireless and wired models. When choosing a technique for marking, one should take into account the dimensions of the goods and the permeability of the outlet.

Stationary scanner

During work, the cashier must bring the labels to the reader module. This is very inconvenient when selling clothes. Winter jackets, heavy coats and fur coats are also subject to mandatory labeling. The cashier will have to put bulky clothes on the table, look for a barcode on it, delaying the queue. It is better to use hand-operated devices for selling clothes.

Wired handheld OEM android barcode scanner

OEM android barcode scanner 2021

The shape of a hand-held OEM android barcode scanner resembles a pistol. The barcode scanner fits comfortably in the cashier’s hand. The operator must hover over the tags in order to recognize the data. In modern models, scanning occurs automatically: the cashier does not need to press a button. To speed up the work, a built-in illumination and a bright contrast sight are used.

 The wired scanner is suitable for the clothing trade. The standard USB cable length of 1.5 meters will not interfere with the cashier. The operator will be able to hold goods in weight with one hand and scan barcodes with the other.  The presence of a USB cable limits the operator’s movement.

Wireless handheld scanner

A handheld wireless scanner looks exactly the same as a wired one. There are no significant differences in the technology of their work. The difference between the devices lies only in the mechanism of connection to the online checkout.

The main interface used for remote connection is BLE 5.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0). The technology provides a stable signal at a distance of up to 100 m. In mobile mode, the scanner saves battery power. The battery always lasts for a full working day.

The wireless 2D OEM android barcode scanner is easy to use when checking receipts, assembling lots for shipment. It is suitable for accounting of goods in a hall or in a warehouse. If the signal suddenly disappears, the data will be saved in the device’s memory.

In which way a barcode scanner is helpful?

A barcode scanner is a device that reads encrypted information and transmits the data to an online cash register, PC or POS system. By design, scanners are handheld and stationary, two-dimensional and one-dimensional, wired and wireless. We will tell you how different types of devices differ, and how to choose equipment for your business.

Which scanner should you choose?

The choice of OEM android barcode scanner for the store depends on the traffic of the outlet. In stores with low to medium traffic, hand-held corded models can be used. Installation of this technique will be cheaper and will not result in queues.

For what tasks are handheld wireless models suitable:

  • Working with bulky goods.
  • Organization of warehouse accounting.
  • Traveling trading.

To be able to read information from a QR code, you must have one of the devices available: a special scanner, a personal computer, a smartphone or tablet equipped with a camera.

If you need to frequently use scanning codes using a computer or create QR codes yourself, then there are two options:

  • use online services (you need constant access to the Internet);
  • download a QR code scanner on a PC and use it without access to the global network.

Do we need to connect scanner with computer?

Previously, to solve the problem, we require it to purchase special reading devices (scanners) and connect them via USB to a PC. This is no longer necessary today. We have OEM android barcode scanner.

From online services, is a good option? The procedure for reading information is extremely simple:

  • go on the website;
  • to recognize a picture with a code using one of the methods: load it into the PC memory or use the camera of a computer or laptop.

Best QR Code Scanner for Android

There are many programs with which you can scan information on products in stores, books and other places where there is QR or barcodes. These are, for example, OEM android barcode scanner and others.

The main thing is that the phone has a camera, with its help the program reads the code in order to then recognizes it and displays the decrypted result on the screen of the device. Some smartphones have preinstalled code recognition software. The most popular programs are those that have the ability to import data into other applications.


Judging by user reviews, the best QR code scanner for Android is QR Barcode Scanner – a fast and accurate scanner for mobile devices and tablets.

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