Barcode Scanner Warehouse Management Solution

Barcode Scanner Warehouse Management Solution

2021-09-30 By UNIWA

Warehouse management plays a vital role in the entire supply chain of an enterprise. Traditional simple and static warehouse management can no longer ensure the effectiveness of enterprise resources because operations in the warehouse today have become complex and diversified. It will be time-consuming and error-prone if only manual memory and manual input of data is used.

CWELL’s warehouse management solution introduces barcode technology to automatically collect data from various operations such as inspection upon delivery, stock-in, stock-out, allocation, stock transfer, stock takes, etc, so as to ensure efficiency and accuracy of data input. The enterprise can also grasp real-time and accurate data to control the inventory reasonably.

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Barcode Warehouse Management Solution

1. Purchase Management

1) Order

The production department makes a production plan based on the sales order, and the purchasing department makes a purchase plan based on the production plan and inventory before sending it to the suppliers. At the same time, the suppliers are requested to stick barcode labels on the packing boxes to identify the category, batch, and quantity.

2) Receiving

When a shipment arrives, simply scan each item in the delivery, and the screen will list all the items expected. The data will save in the scanner and sync with the software via WiFi or USB docking. The scanner can also provide notifications while receiving shipments. You’ll know instantly if a wrong product is scanned or if products are missing. 

3) Stock-in

After the shipment arrives, the management system determines the storage location of the items according to the pre-determined warehousing rules and inventory quantity, and then stick a barcode label containing the storage location to the packing boxes, and sync the information with the management system. After the conveyor recognizes the barcode on the boxes, it will move them to the designated storage area.

2. Inventory Management

1 ) Stock take

Before conducting stock takes, select what items are to be counted and make an inventory receipt. The warehouse keepers scan barcodes of the items and the items’ location to collect information according to the inventory receipt. After that, the collected information is processed by the management system to form an inventory report.

2) Stock transfer

The list of the transfer items will be sorted out before they’re transferred, and the new barcode of the storage location will be made to be labelled in the packing boxes before being moved to the indicated area. With the scanner, choose an origin and a destination of the transferring items. The information will update the software via WiFi or docking. You’ll get a record of when the transfer occurred should you need it during an audit later.

3)Stock Processing

Label the reassembled packaging or reprocessed products with new barcode labels, and the management system will synchronize the information.

3. Stock-out Management

1) Picking

According to the sales orders, the distribution department will sort out the cargo demand of each customer, and list out the location of the items in the warehouse for easily finding them.

2) Delivery

Scan the barcode on the packing boxes, and import the collected data into the system after the operation is completed. When the items are out of the warehouse, the inventory status will update at the same time.

4. Benefits of the Barcode Warehouse Management Solution

Our barcode scanners help crucial warehouse operations run efficiently. With them, your warehouse can keep and ship stock more efficiently.

Eliminate paper in the warehouse: Handwritten or manual spreadsheet inventory tracking is time-consuming and often not user-friendly. With the barcode warehouse management solution, you can go paperless with easy-to-use inventory tracking software and scanners specifically designed for inventory management.

Save time: Barcode technology allows you to locate an item no matter where it is in the warehouse. By using barcodes on items themselves and the shelves and bins where they’re stored, you can call up the location of any item within your software. The technology reduces picking errors and can direct workers throughout the warehouse. Besides, it optimizes just-in-time stock keeping for some goods that need to be sold based on their expiry date, market life cycle and the specific storage environment, etc.

Comprehensive tracking: While the barcode effectively identifies item information, it can also help warehouse operators transfer data to the warehouse management system effectively and accurately, which ensure warehouse operation efficiency, and make full use of the warehouse space.

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