How To Maintain Industrial Tablets And Keep Good Condition?

How To Maintain Industrial Tablets And Keep Good Condition?

2022-03-04 By UNIWA

The key to the industrial tablets to function for long is its battery usage. However, the battery life will be shortened due to improper use and maintenance. So, how to maintain an industrial tablet so as to prolong its working time and perform smoother?

UTAB Q5000H Rugged Tablet 02
Model: UTAB Q5000H

How to maintain the battery?

First, let’s see how to maintain the battery?

Fully Charged: To properly keep a lithium battery, it is necessary to occasionally keep the electrons in it flowing. You need to guarantee a full charge of an industrial tablet at least once a month (to charge it to full when it has only 20% power left)

Don’t use the battery in freezing (hot/humid) environments: Using the battery under such conditions will not only affect the battery life, but also damage the device components,  and pose a serious hazard when you work with it the next time.

Heat Dissipation: Put the industrial tablet in a place that is easy to dissipate heat. Because the temperature of the battery will increase when it is charging, you need to pay attention to it in case of any possible danger to happen.

Do not overcharge: Stop charging while the industrial tablet is fully charged. 40 to 80 minutes is enough if you would like to do that. Frequent overcharging will affect the battery capacity and the number of charging cycles.

Don’t drain the battery: Try not to use the industrial tablet to a point that it automatically shutdowns. This bad behavior will also affect the battery capacity and the number of charging cycles.

Charging to 100%: To keep charging the battery to 100% does not mean that it is fully charged. In order to maximize the charging capacity, it also takes 40 to 80 minutes to go from 100% to fully charged. If the battery is aged, more time is required for the secondary process.

UNIWA T85S Rugged Tablet PC 3
Model: UNIWA T85S

Clean the industrial tablet regularly

It’s necessary to clean industrial tablet PCs regularly. When we decide to buy an industrial tablet, we all hope that the tablet’s display is good and clear, so we will choose a device with a high-resolution display However, after using the tablet for a period of time, dust would accumulate on its surface due to static electricity. If we don’t clean it in time, the display effect will get worse.

But we also should bear this in mind that when cleaning the screen, we should not use chemical cleaners. It is recommended to buy a special wiper for LCD screens. Besides, don’t pat the dust off with your fingers in case that it will leave fingerprints on it. Most importantly, do it lightly.

In addition to this, it’s also important to clean the industrial tablet’s body and maintain other components When there is a lot of dust on the gap, to clean it, you can use a soft small brush or a high-pressure jet can that is generally used to clean camera lenses, or a palm-sized vacuum cleaner.

Bear this in mind: when we clean the industrial tablet, we should keep the device stable as much as possible to avoid it to drop.

When we clean the industrial tablet’s surface, we can use a soft cloth with a little detergent and gently wipe the surface of the device (except the screen) after turning the device off.

Here are the rules of cleaning other components: turn off the device and unplug the external power cord, remove all external cables and batteries, and use a small vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the connectors and keyboard gaps.

Be careful not to drip any detergent into the device, or it may cause a short circuit.

After cleaning, wait until the tablet is completely dry before turning it on.

QCOM P2000 PRO Rugged Tablet 01
Model: QCOM P2000 PRO

In addition to the above maintenance methods, if we don’t use the industrial tablet for a long time, we can temporarily shut down the screen. It can not only save power, but also prolong the life of the screen.

And we temporarily won’t use the external device, it would be better to remove the external device to prolong the battery life.

Moreover, it’s the most suitable for an industrial tablet to work at temperature (10℃~25℃). Each industrial tablet should have an operating temperature range and storage temperature range. Make sure you won’t use the device out of its temperature range. It’s true of the humidity range.

And it is recommended to perform battery power correction once three months.


The above is the maintenance of the industrial tablets we share with you, we hope it’s helpful for you. If you have any questions about our products or have intention to do business with us, please feel free to contact us. We’re always at your service.

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