How to Print from Smartphone: Best Ideas of 2022

How to Print from Smartphone: Best Ideas of 2022

2021-12-31 By CWELL

People often use a printer to print their documents. Here are some outstanding ways to print from smartphone.

If you have questions about how to print from phone to printer, be aware that many printer manufacturers have apps that make it easy to print documents or photos that are on a smartphone or tablet.

These files go straight from the cell phone to the printer, without the need to use a computer to perform this activity. You can also print directly from email or cloud apps with Dropbox.

How to print from smartphone?

This is a faster and more convenient way to improve your productivity. Furthermore, it is also a good option for those who prefer to read physical texts rather than digital media or even need a copy of a file that is on the internet. To learn how to print from mobile to printer, check out the tips below.

How to Print from Smartphone

How to print from smartphone using printer app

Generally, manufacturers have apps that help with the process of printing from mobile to printer. Printer manufacturers offer free apps that make it easy to print from your mobile phone to the printer.

To do this, just download the app on your smartphone. Brands like HP, Epson, Canon, Brother and Samsung have specific programs for Android and iPhone (iOS).

In this article, we’ve used HP as the basis for our walkthrough, but we’ve placed download links for other manufacturers below. If your printer’s brand is not here, just search for “printing app” and the manufacturer’s name in the Play Store or App Store to download the app.

Brother iPrint&Scan: Android Download | iPhone download

It may seem difficult to go through the process of how to print from smartphone? After downloading the app, turn on your printer and connect to the same Wi-Fi network. Then look for your printer’s name in the app to sync your devices.

If this step doesn’t appear to you, skip to the next one. Now, choose the file you want to print and tap the “share” or “print” option. Remember that the app on your mobile must be the one of the printer manufacturer you want to print the document from.

As mentioned earlier, we will use the HP application as the basis for the tutorial (but the general instructions above are still valid). After downloading and installing HP Smart on your Android or iPhone, you should open the app and turn on your printer.

It is important that both the mobile phone and the printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and with Bluetooth enabled.

How to Print from Smartphone 2022

How to print from smartphone?

Next you will have three options: “Configure New Printer” to configure or connect to a printer that has already been configured; “Log in” to create an HP account or connect to one that has already been created; and “Skip for now”, which goes straight to the app screen.

After this part, you will need to give permission for the app to access your mobile phone’s Bluetooth and location. Going through this step, you will be taken to the main screen of the app. If yours doesn’t appear, you can add it by tapping “Add your first printer”.

If it appears, you will only need to click “Print Documents” or “Print Photos” depending on what you want to print. So, just find the desired file and go!

How to print from mobile to printer with Dropbox app

The process of printing from mobile to printer can be made easier with Dropbox and OneDrive. Dropbox and OneDrive are apps that store your files in the cloud and facilitate the process of how to print from your phone.

 In this case, just have the app on your smartphone and computer and choose what you want to print.

 Once this is done, the application will ask for a print confirmation on your PC and will send it to the printer. But be aware that this procedure may differ in applications depending on your printer manufacturer.

How to print from smartphone?

We will use the Dropbox application, a cloud file storage service, as a basis for the tutorial on how to print from mobile to printer.

Download and install the app on your mobile and choose the file you want to print. Once that goes, you must click on the menu (icon “…”) And then “Export”.

Then tap “Print”. The app will ask which printer it should print to. If you don’t have any registered yet, you can click on “All Printers” and then on “Add Printer” to complete the process. You can add the printer using Google Cloud Print or via Wi-Fi Direct.

As stated above, other cloud storage programs also have apps such as OneDrive and Google Drive.

How to print from smartphone? Directly by email

You can send file directly to an email address associated with the printer. Some printer manufacturers also have the option to print files remotely. Moreover, they can do this via an email address associated with the printer.

Typically, this option is on the printer menu, but each brand works differently. Therefore, the ideal is to see how to configure this service on the website.

Once everything is set, just send an email to the unique address that corresponds to your printer with the file you want to print attached.

Using the Epson Connect service, you can still make some adjustments. It is possible, for example, to authorize specific email addresses that will be able to send files for printing.


Do you have any idea of printing from a smartphone? Hoping you have got something from this article. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us!

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