Learn the Difference Between 4G Tablet and wi-fi Table

Learn the Difference Between 4G Tablet and wi-fi Table

2021-08-27 By CWELL

Here is everything you need to know before deciding on a tablet

While looking to buy a tablet, the first question that pops up in our minds is whether the wi-fi tablet is only good enough or you must look fora 4g tablet? This very article is dedicated to solving this confusion that we face more often. The piece also helps the person decide the best product for themselves while avoiding paying over the odds. Most of the tablets available in the market connect via wi-fi internet facility.

However, in recent developments during the past decade, tablets connect using 4g data technology. The 4g technology is adequate for remote usage. It eventually lets you manage and send you email and internet use while working in and out. However, buying the 4g or 5g tablet appears to be pretty expensive stuff. Read more about 4g tablets here

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Difference Between 4G & wi-fi Tablets

Whether it is about the wi-fi tablet or a 4g tablet, both technologies carry their pros and cons. However, to make the matter more accessible, we have put them down in categories quickly. Let us discuss the pros and cons of wi-fi tablets first.

Pros and Cons Of wi-fi Tablets


The most prominent pros of using wi-fi are the availability of a broader range of tablets. It is because a large number of ranges of available tablets across the globe are wi-fi tablets. The wide range makes these tablets cheaper as compared to that of 4g or 5g tablets. Moreover, along with these benefits, there is one more benefit that makes wi-fi tablets stand out: no additional charges for data usage like in 4g tablets.


The cons in the wi-fi tablet over 4g tablet are a few. One of the most significant cons of using wi-fi tablets is the lack or limitation of internet connectivity. It is because these tablets eventually run on wi-fi. With no wi-fi around, they seem to be useless at that moment. It happens more often when you need to access the internet on an urgent basis. Not only this, but wi-fi tablets also carry the compulsion of buying the tablet outright.

Pros and Cons Of 4G Tablets


By using the 4g tablet, you can use the device anywhere you are. It is because it uses a 4g technology for a data connection or accessing the internet. Therefore, when you are away from home or office, you don’t need access to wi-fi for connectivity. By using the monthly paid data connection, you access your emails and all. Furthermore, the speed of these connections as 4g or 5g is way faster than that of wi-fi technology. It frequently happens at cafes or restaurants.


The cons of buying or using the 4g tablet are that they are limited in supply at first. Moreover, the price tag that they carry is comparatively expensive than that of wi-fi tablets. Furthermore, a person needs to pay a pot of money to buy the monthly subscription of 4g data. Last but not least is battery drainage speed. Using the 4g data connection on tablets drains the battery much faster than using wi-fi access.

How Good Are the wi-fi Only Tablets?

Most of the people, if asked, will probably say YES to the question posed above. The timely matter is that in markets, a tablet that carries the wi-fi connectivity is more in number than a 4g tablet. It eventually becomes the most common type of tablet in the market. The wi-fi-only connectivity tag to these tablets is just a misnomer in reality. However, there is another connectivity option too that is available in these tablets. It contains Bluetooth connectivity too. However, these tablets lack the connectivity of 4G and 5G signal, better famous as LTE or cellular data connectivity.

Hence, if a person intends to use the tablet just for communication at home or office, then the wi-fi tablets are the best and fit the monthly bills. As these tablets are vast in number, they are consequently available at cheap rates with various models. One needs not worry about paying the extra money for cellular data. Moreover, the user gets free from the hassles of lack of network coverage. In addition to this, there is no limitation of using the data over wi-fi, unlike the 4g tablets where you buy the specific data under a specific price. The availability of wi-fi connections is broad in several locations as restaurants, offices, metros, malls, and supermarkets. Most of the time, these connections eventually are free.

Last but not least is that one can enjoy the tablet while being offline as well. We use the tablets to download e-books, songs, and movies before time to keep you informative and entertaining. At the same time, most of the applications do run perfectly fine without access to the internet.

Accessing Internet Anywhere With 4G Tablets?

The access to the internet over a 4g tablet works similar to that of the internet over your smartphone. The cellular tablets, just like smartphones, carry the option to have a sim slot. The sim card lets you connect with the cellular or LTE.

One of the most prominent benefits of using or buying the 4g tablet is its convenience. By this it means that you can have internet access anywhere you are. In short, everywhere. The limitations of using the internet over a 4g tablet are the same as your smartphone gets. However, unlike wi-fi tablets, if you are facing connection issues, you certainly won’t be able to connect to the internet.

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However, the thing that pageants the 4g tablet stands out tan wi-fi is that the 4g tablets carry the option of wi-fi connectivity. On the contrary wi-fi, tablets lack the option to connect using 4G data. When one finds no data connections, one can access the internet using the nearby wi-fi signals.

Lastly, the price tag of wi-fi tablets is lower than that of cellular tablets. It not only is the case just from upfront cost but also includes the regular usage too.

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