Notes On The Use Of A Handheld PDA

Notes On The Use Of A Handheld PDA

2022-11-29 By UNIWA

With the progress of the times, today’s technology has been developed very fast, and various handheld terminal devices have emerged, among which is the handheld PDA.

Nowadays, handheld PDA has been widely used in many industries, such as logistics, catering, transportation and other industries. Some of you may not be familiar with the handheld PDA, but if you see it, you would feel a little bit familiar.

Because its appearance is very similar to the cell phone we use, and it’s also true of functions, but the difference is that the handheld PDA is generally for enterprise services.

And you need to pay attention to when using the handheld PDA for the first time. So next, we will briefly introduce some notes to you. Please read on.

PAD Handheld 2D barcode scanner-UNIWA S9000

1、Initialize the handheld PDA

You may not understand why you need to initialize the device just after you buy it? In fact, the initialization of the handheld PDA is mainly to release memory space for the device, and to ensure the security of the device and to reduce the errors that may occur when you use the device.

Besides, a brand-new device has a certain amount of test data before selling out, so to initialize the device can make the memory space larger. And each PDA has its own default password, only after initialization to be able to change the password, so that the device is more secure, and to exclude all unnecessary errors.

2、Download all kinds of operations

After the initialization of the handheld PDA system, the device is in a relatively safe and blank state. If you want to make it work properly, you need to download all kinds of operations, such as parameter download, practice test, incremental list, scan management and many other functions. Only when all these are downloaded and used, the handheld PDA will function completely and properly.

3、Standardize the operation of the device

When you buy a new PDA, you need to use it properly. For example, you need to inspect it regularly and keep daily maintenance; You must use the standard power charger of the device to charge it. Do not use a charger with the same port but different voltage, otherwise it will cause damage to the battery; And when you use the data acquisition software, do not unplug the USB cable before the collection is completed, so as not to cause data loss.

Model: UNIWA HS001


The above are the things that you need to pay attention to when using a handheld PDA for the first time, which is for the safety and efficiency of the device. In addition, even if the handheld PDA has a high level of protection, such as IP68, it should not be used rashly in a very harsh environment to avoid internal damage to its hardware. Only more care for the device and more attention, can the service life of handheld PDA be longer.

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