How to Update Android Mobile Phone in Simple Steps?

How to Update Android Mobile Phone in Simple Steps?

2021-10-27 By CWELL

Updates are always aimed at improving user comfort. Do I need to update the software on Android? In any case, Android mobile phone updates are one of the advantages of this operating system. And it is definitely not worth neglecting the merits.


If I update my mobile phone, will everything be deleted?

The answer is negative. The maximum harm from installing updates is the removal of several applications that are incompatible with the new software. However, these are minor drawbacks in comparison with the benefits of updates, which significantly speed up the operation of the device and make operation many times more convenient.

How to update Android mobile phone with standard tools?

Every Android device comes with automatic system update functionality. To find out the OS version installed on the gadget, and if necessary, update the operating system, you need to open the phone settings.

Scroll down the screen, find the “System” item, enter and click “Additional settings” – “System update”. As soon as you click on the desired item, the technician will contact the manufacturer’s server and check if there are updates for your device. If updates are available, the download will start automatically. Of course, this method is only available if you have a stable Internet connection.


 Why is it not possible to update the firmware in the standard way?

However, it happens that it is not possible to update the firmware in the standard way. There can be many reasons. For example, the manufacturer does not send you the android update.

 It is too late in sending you, your smartphone does not support the update functions via Wi-Fi at all, or there is no Internet on the phone at the moment. How to update the Android version in this case? Let’s sort it out.

How can I update android system if there are no official updates at all?

Even if the manufacturer has completely forgotten about the users, there is still a chance to update the software. The world is not without talented engineers and enthusiastic programmers. So it is an alternative firmware for a wide variety of equipment models that is not uncommon on the Internet. The main thing is to work hard to find updates that other users have already used.

It is worth noting that when installing unofficial android system updates, you need to be prepared for unstable device operation and bugs. Since most often one person is involved in the development of such software, and not a team of professionals. The installation of amateur updates must be carried out strictly following the instructions.

How to customize the installation of an android phone update?

By the way, the installation of updates and notifications of new versions of android can be customized. To do this, in the “Software Update” section, click on the gear located in the upper right corner of the display.

Next, move the slider to the active position next to the “autoload via Wi-Fi” label so that the device does not unauthorized use the mobile Internet to download updates. In the same menu, you can adjust the time the system is updated – for example, at night, so that the installation does not distract you from your daily work tasks during the day.

How to update Android via computer?

Can I update my Android version using a PC? Of course, this method is most often referred to as installing updates manually. Instructions for updating Android via PC may differ depending on the type and model of equipment. However, the general procedure remains the same.

Find, download and install a software update program of android. It is very important to exercise the utmost care and check several times that the files correspond to the updates of your gadget model. The same steps – but now we are looking for and installing drivers for a specific smartphone model. And then connect your device with the computer using a USB cable (cable is enclosed in the device’s package). Right-click on your device and select Update Firmware from the menu. Follow the instructions. The update is done automatically.


Updating the OS on your Android device can be challenging. But, if you follow the steps outlined in this guide, you should find the process relatively straightforward. Soon you will have the latest OS on your Android device, and you will know how to do the updates for future versions too.

If you want to know more about mobile phones or other handheld devices, please let us know.

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