How to Block Numbers on Ulefone Armor?

How to Block Numbers on Ulefone Armor?

2021-10-27 By CWELL

What is a blacklist on a phone?

This is one of the functions of Ulefone Armor that allow you to get rid of annoying calls and messages from a person you are not interested in. It’s worth noting that blocking incoming calls can work differently depending on the phone’s firmware.

In some cases, the owner of the smartphone will not even know that they tried to call him, in others – there will be no signal sounds, but notifications will come.

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How to blacklist a number on Ulefone Armor?

Most Ulefone Armor runs on Android OS. Despite the common operating system, the methods for blocking contacts differ depending on the specific device manufacturer and the OS version it uses. For owners of Nexus, Motorola, Nokia, Xiaomi phones and other gadgets on pure Android, the following method is suitable.

  • Enter the menu item “Call log”.
  • Select the number to block.
  • Press and hold on it until the “Block” option appears in the pop-up menu. Then click on it.
  • If necessary, you can also check the box next to the “Report spam” item in the window.

Another way to block numbers for Ulefone Armor devices

  • Open “Phone” on Ulefone Armor.
  • Enter the settings menu.
  • Inside the settings there is an item “Call blocking”, click on it.
  • It remains only to select the “Add number” option
  • Enter the contact of the unwanted subscriber.

What if you change your mind and want to remove the number from the blacklist?

  • Click on the three vertical dots while in the Phone menu.
  • Open the “Call settings” item.
  • Click on the caption: “Block and reject calls by sending a message.”
  • In the “Blocked numbers” menu, delete the one you want to unblock.

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