Smartphone for The Elderly: Outstanding Features

Smartphone for The Elderly: Outstanding Features

2022-03-17 By CWELL

It is more difficult for the elderly to master high technologies. Therefore, it is very important to know which smartphone is suitable for them. We tell you what characteristics to focus on, and present some models for you.

Model: UNIWA A59

What to look for when buying?

For elder people, the settings menu is shrinking, and the most important parameters like backlight brightness, sound volume and SIM card management come to the fore.

It is the software features of the gadget that are more important. It increases the font and icon size. The home screen displays the most significant applications, such as calls, messages, Facebook and Viber.

If there is no simplified mode, you need to pay attention to the features of the operating system.

Pay attention to the screen of the smartphone for the elderly

Another important factor is the diagonal of the screen: the larger it is, the easier it is to see the image. But the resolution doesn’t really matter.

With age, vision deteriorates – looking at a larger picture is better than peering into small details.

Enough Entertainment for the elderly

Older people are less likely to play on phones, but there are also enthusiastic gamers among them. In addition, the smartphone for old people must be able to display videos, play music and scroll through web pages without delay.

There are also requirements for the smooth operation of the interface, constant jerks and “brakes” do not contribute to comfort.

The amount of internal memory – the more, the better

It is important that smartphone for old people has a place to save photos, videos and music. The minimum is 32 GB, the optimum is 128 GB. But the RAM can relegate to the background. For everyday tasks, 2-3 GB is enough, for any games – 4 GB.

The battery life

Battery life – from 12 hours when talking, from three days in standby mode. It is necessary that the smartphone does not have to charge twice a day.

Battery capacity is less important, besides it, dozens of factors affect the operating time.


Any person wants to share pleasant moments with their loved ones. For many, the quality of photos in smartphone for the elderly is more important than processor power and memory capacity.


Any smartphone for the elderly can connect to 4G and Wi-Fi networks. Find location and get directions using satellite navigation. The NFC module deserves more attention. It allows you to turn the device into an electronic wallet, suitable for paying for purchases and travel on public transport. In this case, cash can be left at home.

Available Models

The following smartphones that meet all the criteria described above have large screens, good cameras, capacious batteries and sufficient memory.

UNIWA M6501L New 6.5 Inch Ultra Slim Cheap Cellphone Android 4G Smartphone

Last year’s model is still in service and looks good compared to today’s competitors. The suitable smartphone for the elderly in the budget category offers a 6.517-inch water drop IPS Touch screen. It is easy to understand, even the one who holds a modern gadget for the first time.

The plastic case is more practical than glass: it does not break when dropped, it is more pleasant to the touch, it remains warm even in cold weather.

This smartphone is convenient for the elderly to watch movies, series and interesting videos as the screen is big and clear.

The camera takes clear photos regardless of the weather and time of day, only in complete darkness noise and out-of-focus areas begin to appear. It has double cameras, 2MP front camera, 2MP back camera with flashlight.

UNIWA Note 1 6.53 Inch Octa Core 4G Unlocked Cheap Smartphone

The display is a 6.53-inch HD+ IPS multitouch dewdrop screen with the resolution of 1560*720px – it is more convenient to read, chat and scroll through the news.

UNIWA Note 1 smartphone has triple cameras: the 5MP front camera and 13MP/2MP rear cameras are good for the elderly to capture every wonderful moment for you and record every meaningful memory in life.

This smartphone is equipped with an Android 9.0 operating system, which runs smoothly. Using the MT6757D Helio P25 Octa core CPU, equipped with 3 GB of RAM, it can manage multiple APP at the same time without delay, and its running speed is fast and stable; 32 GB is enough to fill the needs with daily life, and it supports 128 GB of extended memory enough to store the required content.

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