Which is the best barcode scanner to buy in 2022? 

Which is the best barcode scanner to buy in 2022? 

2022-02-01 By CWELL
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Which barcode scanner to buy is of course always a common question for many buyers? The best barcode scanner in the world right now are truly amazing devices. And there are many good cheap devices to choose from.

What is the best barcode scanner right now?

Best barcode scanner to buy

The best barcode scanner isn’t necessarily the highest-end one. Innovation is everywhere, and even low-cost devices offer the kind of technology and user experience you simply couldn’t get just a few years ago.

Fierce competition in the mid-range and budget markets is really driving innovation. It also means better barcode scanner than ever at an affordable price.

However, there is a problem with all that choice.

How do you really choose the best barcode scanner for your budget? The best place to start is right here.

Which operating system is good?

There are commonly two operating systems to choose from: iOS and Android.

Since iOS is the unique OS for Apple devices, so usually, we can only use Android on the barcode scanners.

There are different versions of Android. In general, you’ll need a barcode scanner running Android 9 or later. Manufacturers often customize their own versions of Android, which means the experience can vary between handsets.

What should you look for on your barcode scanner?

Since most barcode scanners are controlled entirely by touch screens, the screen size and quality is very important. The larger screen makes things easier to read and is especially useful for browsing the web, but the large screen makes a large barcode scanner to carry around.

The pixel density of your screen, measured in pixels per inch (ppi), will give you an idea of ​​how clear and sharp text will appear on the screen.

For example, a smaller number of pixels spread across a large screen will result in jagged edges. LED display technology is equally important.

You’ll find AMOLED and IPS as the two main display technologies, each with their own pros and cons.

Performance and battery life of a barcode scanner

Today, most barcode scanners are powered by octa-core processors. The clock speed from the processor represents the speed of the device. They will provide you with operating system operation, while also dealing with running applications and games.

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In addition, battery life is another criterion you need to look into when choosing to buy a barcode scanner. The larger the scanner’s battery capacity (mAh), the longer it will last when fully charged.

How much a barcode scanner memory is enough?

In general, a minimum of 16 GB of onboard memory is fine if a Micro SD card slot is available. But you’ll soon find the internal memory fills up quickly. With more emphasis on barcode scanner cameras in recent years, it’s likely that your snaps will be the main culprit in using up your storage space.

So we recommend at least 32 GB to start.

We know the strengths and weaknesses of the current generation of barcode scanner. It is developed on the basis of an operating system and integrates many modern features, bringing convenience to users.

Three Top barcode scanners in CWELL

1. UNIWA NR6001 6 Inch Screen IP66 QR Scanner 5G NFC Android Mobile OEM Smartphone

UNIWA NR6001 5G OEM Smartphone 03

1) Dimensity T720 5G Octa Core Processor

2) IP66 Waterproof

3) 6 Inch Water Drop Glove Touch Screen

4) 4 GB RAM/64 GB ROM5) Built-in NFC

6) Removable 4200mAh Battery

7) Fingerprint Unlock

8) 5MP+16MP+2MP Triple Cameras

9) Support GPS/GLONASS/BDS/Galileo

10) 2D Barcode Scanner Optional

2. UNIWA HS002 Slim Handheld Mobile 2D Laser QR Code Android PDA Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanner UNIWA HS002

This android barcode scanner can be used so easily as a common android phone that you don’t need to spend much time on learning or training your employees to use it.

It has a fast quad-core processor to run multiple tasks simultaneously, smooth operation. And this barcode scanner has 2 GB RAM+16 GB ROM large storage to help your work be more efficient.

Most importantly, it is built-in 2D Mindeo E483/ EM6601, Honeywell N6603/ N3603 for accurate and fast to read barcodes on the screen.

3. UNIWA M598 Pro 5.0 Inch IP65 Waterproof 2D Barcode Scanner

UNIWA N598 PRO Barcode scanner 02

You can hold and use this 2D android barcode scanner as simple as a regular scanner gun with this ergonomic pistol grip.

With precise and fast scanning of 1D, 2D QR bar codes, this 2D android scanner is an ideal option for your inventory where you need to read and collect two types of bar codes. And built-in 2D Zebra 4710 will perfectly realize the description above while keeping the scanning work great in the long run.

More information about barcode scanners, please click the following link:


Which barcode scanner do you prefer? Please feel free to tell us, we’re looking forward to discussing further with you.

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