Here Are Right Reasons For Investing In Rugged Phone

Here Are Right Reasons For Investing In Rugged Phone

2021-07-27 By CWELL

Brief Introduction to a Rugged Phone

A rugged phone is a tough phone designed to withstand quite an unmannerly use besides embracing shocks. A durable housing seals the phone entirely to make it waterproof, dustproof, and resilient to external vibrating impacts. The phones are tough enough to survive breakage even if dropped from certain levels of height. Such phones have the potential to work continuously. They are fast charging with a replaceable yet robust battery. The phones carry an impressive storage space with high-speed RAM, with an option to extend it further. The phones usually have a built-in standard glass screen which adds to their impressive degree of protection.

Most of the expensive smartphones today offer extraordinary and high-quality features. Unfortunately, they are delicate enough to become vulnerable to external factors. They may receive severe damages on their screens with just a little drop over a hard surface. In other cases, they are prone to receive bad scratches on their bodies to give them an ugly look. In extreme cases, they may start behaving in an unusual manner if continuously exposed to external temperatures. The users have to protect themselves with covers or expensive screen protectors and still fear unexpected damages. In such scenarios, the need for such phones becomes compulsory.

Relationship between the Rugged Phone and the Lifestyle

For people with a demanding job with frequent exposure to external hazards, a rugged smartphone is the best option. Sometimes, the lifestyle of the people demands them to keep their belongings strong enough to go with them in life. Mobile phones are one such belonging that keeps them in contact with their families and business associates, irrespective of place. The durable phones should operate between -20 to +600C, yet providing their users a fairly high operational speed. The display screen should be scratch-less for clear visuals. Their modern and competitive specs should provide an excellent value to the money.

Rightful Reasons to Invest in a Rugged Type Phones

Conspicuous design

You don’t have to spend high for a decent rugged smartphone. The exceptionally thin and sleek phone is a gift for frontline workers. Housing within plastic material, the phone carries an impressive weight of just 166g on average. A common example of such a phone is a bar-shaped UNIWA S8 phone.

Military-grade durability

Rugged phones are high-quality products. They are put through continuous military-standard tests to check their durability. Such tests include frequent exposure to extreme temperatures, vibration impacts, and repeated drops. In some cases, the phones should pass the test of prolonged dipping in water. The 810G – compliant phones promise exceptional durability and, therefore, are a safe choice for investment.

IP68 standard

Accidents are part of life. Like human beings, electronic equipment can fail in meeting with accidents. Phone breakage causes a substantial amount of worry for phone owners. For phone users’ information, an IP code indicates the phone’s resistance to external objects. For instance, the IP68-rated rugged type phones indicate the following features of the phone. The 6 in IP68 stands for the device’s closeness to gravel and dust. Whereas 8 indicates that the device can bear the water submersion for up to 30 minutes. The IP68 standard UNIWA XP26 is not only waterproof, but it can also amazingly float on water. Its 2.4-inch QVGA TFT display screen remains unharmed even if it has contact with water.

Latest operating systems

The phones use Android operating systems, enabling the users to benefit from numerous modern-day mobile phone applications.

High-quality camera

The rear camera of the phone is usually capable of working underwater without any malfunctioning. It also contains the features like night mode along with a bright flashlight.

Faster charging and long life replaceable batteries

The phones have the capacity to charge at an amazingly fast speed. The usually 1300 mAh, li-ion batteries can provide the phone a standby time of up to 200 hours. The long-lasting replaceable batteries will enable you through a full shift and still some remain.

Supports audio and video

UNIWA S8 phone magnificently supports audio features in mp3, MID, and AAC formats. The users can enjoy video support in 3GP, MP4, and AVI formats. The phone’s storage capacity can extend up to 32 GB to give the user an enjoyable experience on the phone’s Φ32 stereo loudspeaker.

Enhanced talking time

The rugged phones provide an adequate amount of time ranging up to 10 hours for users to talk on their phone sets.

Tailored solutions for varying industrial sectors

The rugged type phones have extensive use in retailing, public safety, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation industries. They can optimize operations, enhance mission-critical communications, streamline store or healthcare operations, and improve manufacturing processes.

Security features

No enterprise device is complete without foolproof security features. The rugged phone supports NFC features for contactless payments. Access to the phone itself requires facial recognition and a fingerprint reader built inside the power button.  

Reasonable price

Some branded products are expensive, but if searched properly, you may find quality and affordable OEM rugged type phones. 

Statistically, one out of three mobile users experiences phone damage from everyday mishaps. This lot of phone damaging is not only inconvenient to the phone users but their repairing and replacing cost much.  These prohibitively expensive incidences may not surge in the case of rugged-type phones. These phones provide convenience to millions of remote users through practical wireless solutions. An investment into the rugged type phones can surely be the right decision keeping in view the above features and reasons.


The rugged phone would sustain almost all sorts of hazards that would generally make non-rugged type phones inoperable. Built with a robust design, these phones possess outstanding features that fortify them against shocks, water, dust, and even extreme temperatures. The phones are not much expensive considering their strong materials and anti-rolling performance. Their features and cost increase their likelihood to become the first choice of military men, outdoor sports lovers, and passionate travelers.

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