How to Fix the SIM Card Issue on the Mobile Phones?

How to Fix the SIM Card Issue on the Mobile Phones?

2021-10-27 By CWELL

There are many reasons why mobile phones cannot detect SIM cards. Moreover, this often happens not only with old but also with new devices. Let’s try to figure out how to fix the problem yourself.

What to do if your mobile phone does not detect the SIM card?

The scenario “the mobile phone does not detect the SIM” may occur due to the fault of the SIM card, the device itself, or a problem with the software. To test the device and find out which of the described reasons is your case, follow these guidelines.

Reason No.1 Improper Installtion of the SIM card

Turn off your mobile phone, open the back cover and remove the SIM card. Wait a minute, and then insert the SIM card back into the slot. Reboot your mobile phone. Did it work and the SIM card became visible? Most likely, the reason is the loose fit of the SIM card to the contacts. You can solve this problem on your own due to a special layer between insufficiently adjoining surfaces.

Reason No.2 Damage of the SIM card

Another reason that the phone does not see the SIM card is the damage to the SIM card itself. It is very simple to check this option: just insert your SIM card into another phone. If the SIM card is still not visible on another device, it is faulty. This option is most often found among those who have not used a SIM card for a long time and its expiration date simply expired at the time of contact with the device.

If the SIM card is new, it may be necessary to perform a paid action to activate it. Have you bought a new mobile phone with a micro-sim slot and cut the old card yourself? Most likely, the phone does not detect the SIM card due to incorrect cutting and damage to the card.

Reason No.3 Damage of the mobile phone

Try to insert your card into another phone. If there is no other device at hand, install any other SIM card on your smartphone. Another device immediately recognized the SIM card, but your phone did not work even with another card? This means that the reason is in the smartphone and to fix the malfunction, you will have to contact the service centre.

Most often, this situation is a consequence of the fall of the smartphone or keypad mobile phone, mechanical damage or contact of the device with moisture. Think of this has happened with your smartphone in the recent past. By the way, the SIM card slot may break due to inaccurate removal of the card. Also, the operation of the device can be affected by a sharp change in temperature conditions.

Besides, Android software may also cause the same problem if you incorrectly flash your smartphone or the OS requires updates. In this case, you should restart your smartphone and provide the device with a stable Internet connection to automatically update the program. It also happens that the phone boots up too slowly and the phone does not see the SIM card right away. Just be patient and wait a few minutes for all applications to start.


Checking the SIM card issue won’t be hard if you follow the steps outlined in this guide. Soon you will fix the problems and enjoy your phone.

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