2022 Incredible Rugged Tablet PC You Must Try

2022 Incredible Rugged Tablet PC You Must Try

2022-01-17 By CWELL

Rugged Tablets – What are they?

Indestructible tablet PC literally it means: hard, strong, and rigid. And these are the only three words that can perfectly describe these tablet PCs. Whether you are a sports fan, a factory worker or if you just want to go to the beach without the fear of breaking your tablet PC, it makes no difference. The rugged tablet PC will satisfy all your requests equally.

In order to consider a rugged tablet PCs, it must undergo a series of endurance tests and must have passed certain civil and, sometimes, even military standards.

Why should you buy rugged tablet PCs?

These tests carry out in order to obtain the IP certification. Moreover, it determines the actual resistance of the tablet PC to various situations of rain, frost, sand. For the moment, the rugged tablet PCs only have an Android operating system.

This is because Apple does not mention the release of an iPhone with these specific characteristics.

QCOM P2000 PRO Rugged Tablet 01

Why buy a Rugged Tablet PC

Perfect Work tablet PC

They are perfect work tablet PC, whatever the job you do, and have considerable autonomy. They can remain on for up to days, without having to recharge them. Initially, rugged tablet PC appeared essentially as construction tablet PC, without having all the comforts of modern ones.

To date, however, rugged tablet PCs are gradually becoming more and more popular, precisely because they are resistant to everything.

Consequently, even the physiognomy of these products is gradually improving.

Comforts of A Traditional Tablet PC

These rugged tablet PCs are equipped with all the comforts of a traditional tablet PC, combined with the infinite resistance they possess. They have very large RAM, as well as the internal memory of the device itself.

This ensures you a good operating system speed, and a large capacity to store photos, music, videos and much more on the device. You can do it without having to worry about emptying the memory periodically. They have internet connection: 4G speed. Rugged tablet PCs support Bluetooth technology, act as a hotspot and work with the Android operating system.

Generally, they adopt an efficient localization system, sometimes also integrated by the compass and the dual GPS + GLONASS satellite system; they can have up to two SD memory slots. Some models come with dual sim and dual cameras.

Camera MPs Vary Depending on Model

Considering only the rear camera, it can also reach a maximum of 13MP. Hence, it allows you to take decent photographs, as long as there is enough lighting. The internal camera, when the rugged tablet PCs are equipped with it, varies between 5 and 8MP.

Resistant to Humidity and Dust

If you work in mines, quarries or foundries, and you own a rugged tablet PC, you will not run any risk to keep it with you, because they are also resistant to dust and rain. If you are a lover of the mountains and walks in the woods, you will not risk getting lost or staying out of the world thanks to the GPS system and the extended battery life.

During the hot summer days, by the sea or the lake, you won’t have to hesitate to take it with you; they are water and sand resistant tablet PCs: practically indestructible. The rugged tablet PC has now become indispensable, so much so that we always carry it with us, wherever and for any reason.


This is a work tablet PC during any kind of activity you do. You can keep it with you at all times. In fact, you won’t have to worry about keeping it safe from water or any bumps and falls, because they are practically indestructible. They are waterproof and shockproof phones.

UTAB Q5000H Rugged Tablet

1) IP65 Waterproof

2) 4 GB RAM+64 GB ROM

3) 5MP+13MP Double Cameras

4) Removable 10000mAh Li-Po Battery

5) IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/a/ac, support 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi (Optional: SC66E support mimo)

6) Qualcomm MSM8953 Octa Core Processor

7) 10.1 Inch 850 Nits High Brightness Touch Screen

8) Built-in NFC

9) 1D/2D/RFID/ID Card Modules Optional

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