Top 8 Characteristics of OEM 7 inches tablets

Top 8 Characteristics of OEM 7 inches tablets

2021-10-11 By CWELL

Why choose OEM 7 inches tablets?

 This type of product of OEM 7 inches tablets, can be very useful, especially for those who work on the move, with a need of a practical product that maintains all the functionality of a notebook. So what characters does it has to make it so popular?


1. Weight for OEM 7 inches tablets

The first characteristics that are usually taken into consideration when evaluating the purchase of a tablet are size and weight. OEM 7 inches tablets can also approach 700 g (negligible detail given the very high-quality performance of these products), and are almost always convertible systems or real dedicated graphics tablets, with a certainly greater weight. We advise you to always orient yourself on products not exceeding 500g in weight, to which you will have to add about 150/200 g for the cover and any protective film.

2. Dimensions for tablets

When we talk about dimensions of OEM 7 inches tablets, we are referring to screen sizes: the range is quite wide, from 8″minimum to 11.5″ of the larger models. The so-called “phablets”, hybrids between smartphones and tablets from 7-8″.  It has become a niche product and difficult to find with top-of-the-range features.

3 . Connectivity of OEM 7 inches tablets

A decisive factor for the choice of the tablet is represented by the possibility of connecting it not only to the Wi-Fi network but also to other devices with which we want to share files or synchronize our contents. This is possible through both wireless and physical technologies.

Internet connectivity of OEM 7 inches tablets is essential for a tablet, as the features are mostly based on network access, just like any smartphone. Software updates, use of online content, file uploads and downloads, in some cases even the use of cloud tools: all these features require internet access. Some tablet models are equipped only with Wi-Fi connectivity.

4. The screen resolution of tablets 

Screen resolution of OEM 7 inches tablets can play an important role depending on how you use your tablet. If the user is very biased towards gaming or visual applications in general, such as watching movies or photos in high definition, it may interest you that your tablet supports at least a Full HD resolution (1980*1080px). Today, you can find high-end models that offer higher resolution, up to 4K with 2800 x 1752p.


5. Ports in OEM 7 inches tablets

From the point of view of physical connectivity with other devices, however, tablets are in general rather limited as regards the ports available. Typically, all models have a micro-USB port, while newer models are upgraded to the USB-C standard.

Connectivity tablet (OEM 7 inches tablets) A micro-HDMI socket is also sometimes offered. With which you can connect your tablet to external monitors and view your content on large screens. The connection is through USB. And USB-C is necessary both for recharging the device but also to connect it to your computer to work, upload or download data.

6. SIM tablet specification

The more advanced and expensive models, which are generally recognized by the initial’s LTE, are instead equipped with a SIM card slot, which depending on your tablets will allow you to take advantage of a data plan that allows you to surf anywhere, using 3G or 4G networks.

Remember that if you plan to use your tablets away from home to use the internet you will have to either connect it to your smartphone in the hotspot or it’s better to be equipped with a SIM slot.

7. Role of software in OEM 7 inches tablets

When choosing your tablet, you will also have to take into consideration which software you will find pre-installed. From the operating system to the individual applications, which cannot always be deleted.

8. Operating system

Android (OEM 7 inches tablets) occupies a large portion of the mobile device market in general, offering good flexibility and the ability to customize your tablet with the largest store ever, which currently includes about 2,700,000 applications.

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