What Features Should Mobile Phones For Seniors Have?

What Features Should Mobile Phones For Seniors Have?

2022-07-13 By UNIWA

As the world becomes increasingly connected, mobile phones are becoming more and more accessible to users of all ages. For seniors in particular, mobile phones have made it possible for them to keep in touch with family members and stay connected with their loved ones. So here comes a particular type of for the elderly. Not all phones can be classified as that. So what features should a mobile phone for seniors have?

Let’s find it out through this article.


1.     Physical SOS Emergency Button

As we can see from the above picture of our product UNIWA V1000, there is an SOS button on is back. It is big enough and easy to touch. When clicked, the SOS button will automatically dial an emergency phone number or send an SOS message that has been chosen and set. For seniors, it will be very helpful for them when they are in a situation wherein they need help. This way, they don’t need to search for the person they want to contact in their contact list any more. They just simply need to click that SOS button, and the phone will do the rest.

2.     HAC (Hearing Aids Compatibility) or Volume Adjustment

A majority of senior citizens already have problems with hearing. Because of this, a mobile phone for seniors should have either a higher volume range or features that allow compatibility with hearing aids. There are phones out there that have settings to configure the phone to connect with a hearing aid. In addition to that, it will also be useful to have a phone with a physical button specifically for volume adjustment. Having a physical button will allow any senior to easily change the volume settings anytime with ease.

Module: UNIWA V909T : Support HAC function

3.      Equipped With Charging Dock

As some senior citizens already have problems with flexibility. It will be a little hard for them to plug the small charging cable into the small charging hole on the phone properly. They may try many times to connect them, which might damage the interface. Therefore, when we produce a mobile phone for seniors, apart from providing a normal charging cable, we also provide a charging dock. Once the mobile phone is out of power, the users only need to put it into the charging dock easily, and wait until it’s fully charged.

V1000 Feature phone

4.      Option to Allow Bigger Fonts

To be senior citizen friendly, a mobile phone for the elderly should have the option to adjust the font size of the phone. Most senior citizens have trouble reading small fonts. To make it easier for seniors to read the texts, the mobile phone for them must have settings to adjust the font and make it bigger.

5. Physical Keys And Buttons

Today’s touch screen keyboards are quite convenient for most users of all ages because of their intuitive use. And some senior citizens can also use it. However, for those who have trouble figuring out touch screens, or those who are easily touch the screen and thus make some wrong operations, physical keys and buttons can be a great alternative.

6. Large screen

Senior citizens might prefer a mobile phone with a large screen because this makes it easier for them to read. So, a large screen should be considered when a mobile phone for senior citizens is made. However, don’t choose a phone that is too large, as it might be difficult for them to fit it in their pockets or hold it with their hands.

Feature Mobile Phone- UNIWA WG04 (5)


There are many features and functions that make mobile phones more difficult to use than other types of technology. However, for seniors who want an easy time learning and using their phones, it is important that they look for phones that can meet their needs.

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